Be Safe: Stop on Red

Intersections represent a disproportionate share of public safety problems on roadways. In fact, motorists are more likely to be injured in urban crashes involving red light running than in any other type of motor vehicle accident. Unlike collisions in which drivers have no control of the outcome, those caused by red light running can be prevented.

The Village of Hillside in partnership with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is committed to increasing roadway safety, especially at intersections. We are joining a growing number of safety-conscious communities in Illinois, which have installed automated red light enforcement systems. A red light enforcement system has been installed at Southbound Wolf and Cermak, Southbound Mannheim at Roosevelt, Eastbound Roosevelt at Mannheim, Northbound Wolf at Roosevelt, and Westbound Roosevelt at Harrison. Due to significant traffic congestion at these locations, we are confident that this enforcement system will make a life-saving difference.

In order to educate and inform the community about this important safety initiative, we are launching a public awareness campaign,
Be Safe: Stop on Red. Remember, lives depend on it!

On this web site, you will find information, which reinforces the extent of the problem, the automated red light enforcement solution and frequently asked questions and answers.


Red Light Running: A Serious and Growing Traffic Safety Problem

  • Over 60% of Americans see someone running a red light at least a few times a week
  • Over 170,000 crashes, 144,000Â injuries and almost 900 fatalities have been attributed to red light running One in three Americans knows someone who has been injured or killed in a red light running crash
  • Nationally, the financial cost of crashes caused by red light running is significant, exceeding $14 billion per year Traffic crashes are the single, most significant cause of preventable death and injury in North America
  • Traffic crashes are the single, most significant cause of preventable death and injury in North America

Red Light Cameras: A Proven Solution

  • 75% of drivers favor the use of red light camera
  • Red light cameras are currently authorized in approximately 50% of the United States
  • In the Village of Hillside, an automated red light enforcement system will be installed at Southbound Wolf and Cermak.

Over time, numerous studies suggest that red light cameras can save lives and increase traffic safety by:

  • Changing behavior leading to safer driving habits
  • Significantly reducing traffic crashes and dangerous driving
  • Increasing police officer safety and public safety

Statistical Data


The Hillside Police Department compiles statistical information on all intersections equipped with red light enforcement equipment. That statistical information can be found at right.


Red Light Enforcement Locations

Wolf & Cermak

Wolf & Roosevelt

Roosevelt & Mannheim

Roosevelt & Harrison

Pay Ticket

If you received a ticket and would like to review or pay it online, click:

Pay Ticket

Red Light Enforcement Frequently Asked Questions

Detecting Violations

What is a Red Light Violation?
Can I see the images of my vehicle on line?
What if I am already in the intersection, when the light turns red?
What if I was not driving at the time of the recorded violation? Do I still have to pay the ticket?
What if the car was a rental?
What are the defenses to a Red Light Violation?
Do red light cameras violate a motorist’s privacy?
Isn't the main purpose of red light cameras to make money?

Collecting Fines

How much is the fine?
How much time do I have to pay?
How can I pay the fine?
If I pay the fine, will it go against my driving record?
What happens if I forgot to pay the fine by the “Pay By” date or forgot to contest by
the “Contest By” date?
Can I make installment payments?
Can I contest the fine after I have already made payment?
What if I want to contest the Violation Notice? How much time do I have?

For a PDF containing a list of the above Frequently Asked Questions, click:

The Illinois Secretary of State mandates that if you move or change your address, you must notify the Secretary of State within 10 days of such a move or address change. Citations for violations are mailed to registered owners. If your address is not current, you may have additional late charges applied to citations which you are responsible for. For further information please see Illinois Vehicle Code 625 ILCS 5/3-416.

We strongly encourage the driving community to Be Safe: Stop on Red. Remember, lives depend on it!