Ordinance Code

To view a detailed list of our village ordinances, visit Municode at the link below.Municode.com

R.L.E. Program

For information on our red light enforcement program, or to pay a ticket online, visit the link below.R.L.E. Program


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5k With the 5-0

Thank you for making the 3rd Annual Anthony Raymond FOP 5k a success! Check out the photos.Flickr.com

We Are Here To Serve You

Proudly serving and protecting our community since 1905, we adhere to the following mission: The Hillside Police Department is devoted to maintaining the safety and security of citizens in the community through a partnership with those citizens.

  • Phone: 708-449-6131
  • 425 N. Hillside Ave.
  • Hillside, IL, 60162

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